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  • Nicole Borrelli

    Nicole Borrelli

    Developer Programs Engineer at Google.

  • Manuel Vivo

    Manuel Vivo

    Android DevRel @ Google

  • David Vávra

    David Vávra

    Google Developer Expert for Android, Founder & CEO at Step Up Labs, early adopter.

  • Ian Lake

    Ian Lake

    Android Framework Developer at Google and Runner www.google.com/+IanLake

  • Square Crypto

    Square Crypto

  • Elye


    Sharing Software Development Experience, focus on Mobile. https://elye-project.medium.com/subscribe https://twitter.com/elye_project

  • Chet Haase

    Chet Haase

    Android and comedy. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Sebastiano Poggi

    Sebastiano Poggi

    "It depends" 🤷‍♂️ - Google Developer Expert for Android, Flutter and Identity. A geek 🤓 who has a serious thing for good design ✨ and for emojis 🤟

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